Hi everyone,

I’ve added some screencaps of ‘Maddigan’s Quest’ from episode 1 to 3. More will be added soon :)

“After the Great Chaos in the time of the Remaking a Travelling Fantasia are set on a Quest to save their home from ruin and their future from evil. They are joined in their quest by two boys from the future who tell them of the horrors that will happen should the Fantasia fail.”

MADDIGANSQUEST101-ROSEMCIVERSOURCE_28729.jpg MADDIGANSQUEST101-ROSEMCIVERSOURCE_285629.jpg MADDIGANSQUEST101-ROSEMCIVERSOURCE_2810129.jpg Maddigan_s_Quest_-_Episode_02_-_Hillfolk_0059.jpg Maddigan_s_Quest_-_Episode_02_-_Hillfolk_0851.jpg maddigansquest103-rosemciversource_2813429.jpg
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