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Appearance*LIVE* Rose McIver at 'TCA Winter Press Tour 2017'

*LIVE* Rose McIver at ‘TCA Winter Press Tour 2017’

Today (January 8th), Rose McIver is attending ‘TCA Winter Press Tour 2017’ in Pasadena, California. She will attend the ‘iZombie’ Panel alongside Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli, Robert Buckley, David Anders, Aly Michalka, Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright. The panel will start at 10:30 AM PST. We will share all information in *LIVE* in the post below.

09/01: +20 HQ photos have been added. Be sure to check the gallery and link below.

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GALLERY LINK: Photoshoots > 2017 > Set 1 – TCA Winter Tour 2017


  • S3 of @iZombie dives deeper into the zombie military protecting the undead. #TCA17
  • “Are you a higher-functioning creature [as a zombie]? Is that the next step in evolution?” @RobThomas asks. #TCA17 #iZombie
  • Rob Thomas is talking about his long game plan for #iZombie Season 4 — please don’t take this away from me. Watch #iZombie Season 3 #TCA17
  • There’s an entire zombie military outfit bent on making the world safe for zombies if they’re found out. #TCA17 #iZombie
  • “The first 2 seasons, we had to pray that Aly wouldn’t be taken away from us” – @RobThomas on adding Michalka for all season #TCA17 #iZombie
  • Netflix carrying @iZombie has opened up the fandom to a global audience, says Aly Michalka. #TCA17
  • @CWiZombie cast and crew is aware that Netflix has expanded their audience and may give it “two lifespans.” #TCA17
  • “This season, you do not have a clearly defined antagonist,” says @RobThomas. The mystery is who is on the right side. #iZombie #TCA17
  • S3 of @iZombie dives deeper into the zombie military protecting the undead. #TCA17
  • “They don’t dare to defy!” @rugz19 (awesomely) exclaims on those who watch #iZombie on Netflix vs. CW. #TCA17
  • #iZombie panel time at #TCA17! “Rose McIver has played like 274 characters in 3 seasons,” CW rep says.
  • Rose McIver:Canada feels a lot like New Zealand to me in terms of environmentally but the sense of humor is quite different. #iZombie #TCA17
  • “He knew more about our characters and their backstories than we did,” @imrosemciver on super-fan, the other Rob Thomas. #TCA17 #iZombie
  • @rugz19 loved @malcolmjgoodwin’s confused expressions when Clive didn’t know truth. “We call it the stank face” – @imrosemciver #iZombie
  • @imrosemciver says she appreciated efforts to make the brains on @CWiZombie more palatable but eating them was still tough. @TheCW#TCA17
  • @imrosemciver loved doing the hot mess, dominatrix and conspiracy theorist brains, among others, on @CWiZombie on @TheCW #TCA17
  • “I’m genuinely terrified of brains I might not know how to perform” – @imrosemciver . Producers allowed her to veto 1 possible brain.
  • Writers presented Rose McIver with 35 brains to possibly play this season & was allowed to veto 1: she chose cat lady. #TCA17 #iZombie
  • Rose “This Is Rose McIvuh” McIver has veto power over potential #iZombie brains. She vetoed a cat lady brain. #TCA17
  • The brain that Rose vetoed was a “cat lady.” “I’m a dog person,” she said. #TCA17 #iZombie
  • right now at #TCA17: an entire discussion about Ravi’s hair and which products he uses. Love this group. #iZombie
  • The entire #iZombie cast is wearing buttons of @RobThomas face – evidently Robert Buckley had them made. #TCA17
  • David Anders: I’ve had a career that’s been nothing but evil. @CWiZombie #TCA17
  • Rob Thomas: In S3, audience has to decide whose side they’re on. Who’s got the best plan for zombies is the question. @CWiZombie #TCA17
  • Rob Thomas: S3 has a much different feel than S1&2, which had “big Bads.” In S3, there’s no clearly defined antagonist. #TCA17 #iZombie
  • Rob Thomas already has a game plan for Season 4 of @CWiZombie and season 3 hasn’t even aired yet! #TCA17
  • Rob Thomas: we love the world-building as you get to go on & on. When we find actors we love in Vancouver, we write for them over & over.
  • Diane Ruggiero-Wright on appeal of TV zombies: it’s about how a regular person would rise to that occasion if/when it happened to them.
  • “Peyton has good judgment on Ravi, but she has horrible judgment with Blaine.” – Aly Michalka #TCA17 #iZombie
  • “Ravi. Villain. Season 4,” @imrosemciver jokes. #TCA17 #iZombie
  • “I think you’re scarier when you’re not evil,” @rugz19 to David Anders. #TCA17 #iZombie
  • “Season 3 has a different feel from Seasons 1 and 2,” @RobThomas #TCA17 #iZombie
  • Rob Thomas has made more than one reference to a potential #iZombie Season 4. #TCA17
  • Liv and Major eat the brains of a father & 14 yo daughter. @robertbuckley gets to be the daughter. #TCA17 #iZombie
  • There’s a Dungeons and Dragons episode of #iZombie coming and @imrosemciver says it’s her favorite episode they’ve done. #iZombie
  • “Dominatrix brain was pretty fun,” Rose McIver recalls of favorite brains. “D&D I loved” – her favorite episode. #TCA17 #iZombie


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