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iZombie'iZombie Season 3' Spoilers, Premiere Date : Liv Moore to have new...

‘iZombie Season 3’ Spoilers, Premiere Date : Liv Moore to have new boyfriend, join the zombies?

Source | In a report by Parent Herald, iZombie Season 3 will bring a new boyfriend for Liv Moore. Producers have promised to its viewers that for this time, this love interest won’t die.

Rob Thomas, creator of the much-loved series, have dropped some details regarding Liv’s (Rose McIver) new romance in a recent interview. He revealed that Liv, the main character, will have a new guy and unlike Liv’s previous boyfriends, this guy won’t end up dying!

As Liv will get to know this new guy in town, they will fall in love with each other amidst any circumstance that they going through.

In addition, as reported by GamenGuide, the zombies will become more threatening in the upcoming iZombie Season 3. It was revealed that the zombies are very much preparing as humans will find out about them.

They are determined to fight for their right to exist. In fact, the third season will be presenting a great zombie army.

On the other hand, Liv might be tempted to join the zombies’ side. Thomas concludes that Liv has to make a decision whether she is still a human or already a full zombie. In addition, the reason Ravi’s medical developments will fail is because it will spell doom for the series.

Instead, viewers should expect Ravi to have “little success and more devastating side effects” with his quest for developing the cure, as further reported.

Meanwhile, fans of The CW comedy zombie series will have to ready for a three-month wait. While there is no official iZombie Season 3 release date announced yet, the third season is expected to premiere in January 2017.

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