Actors Malcolm Goodwin and Rahul Kohli (who will play along Rose McIver on ‘iZombie’) reveal what’s coming up for their characters on ‘iZombie’. The two stars from the upcoming CW show discuss their tumultuous relationship with the zombie sleuth.

As reported here, Goodwin and Kohli previously appeared in the iZombie poster with McIver. In the storyline, Kohli appears as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti and Goodwin plays the role of homicide detective Clive Babinaux. Though Babinaux thinks Liv is just a “Goth chick with psychic powers,” Chakrabarti though knows the real truth that his friend is actually a zombie.

Kohli describes how the doctor views Liv, who has risen from the dead, “The character is a man of science and he loves medical anomalies, the Loch Ness monster, Yeti; those kinds of things. When he meets Liv, he’s treating it as such; a medical anomaly.” The Holby City actor continues, “It’s an incredible medical anomaly. And he’s fascinated by that. That’s his first reaction.”

Goodwin teases why viewers should be excited about the upcoming TV series from Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars), “Just the dialogue. The words are so fun to say. It’s so juicy. The characters are so juicy. Yeah, it was just a fun experience.”

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