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iZombieiZombie: It comes to an end...

iZombie: It comes to an end…

5 years, so many personalities.


I still remember the day I wrote an article (see related post) announcing that Rose had landed the lead role in a brand new pilot for the CW. Wow, can you believe it was MORE THAN 5 YEARS AGO? I had no idea at this time of the adventure we were going to live (we, fans). I feel a little bit emotional writing this. Okay, let’s go.

I must admit that the whole team of ‘iZombie‘ is really sensational. Through the various comic-con that they went to (and yes, I’m talking about the BEST time of the year for us fans) but also through the various exchanges that we could have with them on social networks during live-tweet sessions.

This series will leave a special mark in my life, from its scenario (which has never fallen in quality from one season to another), its characters, its music and much more.

I loved ‘Liv‘ for her determination, her humor, her personal evolution, her loves – which were not easy – her friendships with Ravi, Peyton or even Clive. But most of all I loved her because Rose made me loved her.



Rose played ‘Liv Moore‘ with so an amazingly-perfection. She studied every personality of her character as a new role, she never stopped impressing me every episode. And finally, yes, she deserves an award for all this work.

THANK YOU to all the people involved in this series, from the producer to not all the writers who brought their personal touch, the actors (obviously) to the make-up artists and costume designers who did a fantastic job. A last thank you to all those who work “in the shadow” of who we don’t necessarily speak about but who gave all their love for this show. THANK YOU for making this happen.

One last little note for all the people that I met through this show, you will recognize yourself for sure. Thank you for your support and for all our moments. We will forever be connected.

To all Rose fans, new and old alike, THANK YOU. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our favorite actress. I’m really looking forward to continuing to share her career with you all, I’m sure this is the beginning of something great for her.

What's the best memory you will remember about iZOMBiE?
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My name is Stéphanie - creator, webmaster and social medias manager of The Rose McIver Fansite (known as Rose McIver Source). I have been a french fan of Rose since a decade. Way back in 2013, I noticed there were no French or English website supporting her projects or promoting her amazing work – that's why I decided to create this fansite, in English to reach a larger audience. I started following Rose in my early twenties, here I am in my thirties, even more enthusiastic to share everything related to her career.​ I had the opportunity to meet Rose three times. In May 2017, at the 'Fairy Tales 5' con in Paris. In February 2020, virtually during "Empire's Virtual Hangout 4". In May 2023, I went to Germany to meet Rose again.


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