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I have some new informations about iZombie‘. We know already that the filming of the first season will end on 27 January. According to TV GUIDE, iZombie will premiere in March, 2015.

Here are the name of the first episodes:

S01E12 – Dead Rat Live Rat Brown Rat White Rat
S01E11 – Astroburger
S01E10 – Mr. Berserk
S01E09 – Dead Air
S01E06 – Virtual Reality Bites
S01E05 – Live Until You Die
S01E04 – Liv and Let Clive
S01E03 – The Exterminator
S01E02 – Brother, Can You Spare A Brain?
S01E01 – Pilot

And here’s the first official promotional video shared by the CW to promote new show and those who are returning in January.

Screencaps of the video have been added to the gallery.

321309296_1868.jpg 321309296_1932.jpg

x111 HQ screencaps
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I’ve added a scan from the new TV Guide Magazine (January 2015).

x001 magazine scan

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