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InterviewInterview - The Hollywood Reporter *iZombie Spoilers*

Interview – The Hollywood Reporter *iZombie Spoilers*

The repercussions of being a zombie are starting to affect those close to Olivia “Liv” Moore (Rose McIver).

In the penultimate episode of iZombie‘s first season, Liv found her roommate, Peyton (Aly Michalka), trapped in their apartment with a zombified version of Sebastian (Matthew MacCaull), who was acting as corporate muscle for energy-drink manufacturer Max Rager.

In order to save her best friend, Liv went “full-on zombie mode” to end Sebastian’s life for good as Peyton watched. Sadly, Peyton’s reaction to Liv’s heroics was pure fear, causing her to leave the apartment after she learned the truth about what Liv had become.

To make matters worse, Seattle’s underground zombie kingpin, Blaine (David Anders), decided to hire Liv’s younger brother, Evan (Nick Purcha), at the butcher shop he’s using as a front for the city’s brains operations.

How could things possibly get any worse? After learning the truth about zombies, Major (Robert Buckley), Liv’s ex-fiance, found himself tied up in the back of Blaine’s butcher shop for stealing valuable astronaut brains.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with McIver ahead of Tuesday’s season finale to discuss the danger of those around her learning the truth about her, the threat to those close to her and what’s ahead in the finale.

As the zombie world gets closer to those around her, do you believe Liv would rather tell those she loves the truth, or do you think she’d rather shelter them as best as possible?

It’s quite an ugly thing, and you don’t think that people are going to want to keep you around. In many ways, it’s as much about them as it is because she’s ashamed, but at the same time, she’s trying her hardest not to isolate herself from her family and friends, and she thinks that reveal will ultimately end those relationships. There’s only so long a secret that substantial could stay buried, and I guess she learns it. Maybe it would be better if she were able to decide when and where she tells them, controlling the circumstances under which they find out, rather than waiting for the ticking clock of it to reveal itself.

At the end of episode 12, Evan hands in a job application to Blaine, who reads it and realizes he’s Liv’s brother and hires him on the spot. What can we expect from his first day of work?

I would imagine that he’s not going to be the teacher’s pet. I don’t think Blaine is planning on having him as his protege. That’s the thing that interested me most about the zombie genre, was the idea that once it looks like it’s going to affect the people in your life, your family, it is a really terrifying concept. Such a thing could really bring down a loved one. It’s going to be a pretty harrowing episode. Poor Evan, being under Blaine’s supervision … it’s an accident waiting to happen. It’s the most terrifying thing that could happen to Liv right now.

Major’s been doing very “Major-esque” things, in terms of getting himself into trouble. Getting in trouble with the law and buying illegal weapons are just two examples. What is it about Major that is driving him to put himself in danger and not seek help from others?

Major is an incredibly awesome person. He’s a social worker, he works with people who need a voice, who need support, and he’s found his calling. He really thinks he has a responsibility now to help and stalk to find out if zombies really exist. His altruistic nature tells him he cannot stop at any cost in bringing them down. Whenever I watch the show, I feel terrified for Major’s mum. My instincts actually go to what it would feel like to have this kid who is doing these amazing things — but at the risk of his own life. It’s for all the right reasons, but I feel like I want to protect him and for him to stop putting other people first and look after himself.

In episode 12, there’s a scene where Dr. Ravi and Liv discover the cured rat, Hope, has died. How does this news of a temporary cure that may kill her affect Liv?

Liv is very hesitant to believe that her life is going to change. Even in the pilot episode she says to Ravi, “Do you really think there is a cure for this?” She’s really accepted her fate and the limitations that come with her being a zombie. It’s almost too scary for her to acknowledge a lot of the time that the cure is tangible, potential and close. She’s waiting for it to fail, for something to go wrong. It seems too good to be true. At the same time, there’s that thought that she could be back with Major and that her life could be restored. It’s a very quiet hope for her.

Major and Liv both have been investigating Blaine and the zombies in town. Heading into the finale, it looks like their paths finally are going to cross. What can you tease about this interaction in the finale?

Liv is going to be trying to protect Major from finding out the truth because she thinks it’s what is best for him. Unfortunately, circumstances get well beyond her control, and it will certainly be revealed then.


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