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Interview iZombie - Blaine is One of Many Big Bads Creating Conflict

[Interview] iZombie – Blaine is One of Many Big Bads Creating Conflict

SourceiZombie season 4 is right around the corner, and series star Rose McIver has shared some details about where incessant irritant Blaine DeBeers fits into the new world order, and whether he’ll have some competition on the Big Bad front. With all the changes that are coming Seattle’s way in season 4, it’s no surprise that Liv, Clive, Major, and Ravi might find themselves going up against some new foes, and that seems to be the case, as McIver hints that there will be multiple Big Bads running around making things difficult for zombies and humans alike.

While there’s apparently going to be plenty of new faces ready to cause a ruckus in the upcoming season, which premieres Monday, February 26, it sounds as though the show’s most reliable troublemaker isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. That is, of course, Blaine (David Anders), the manipulative antagonist who has been around since the beginning of the series. And though he’s had his share of ups and downs with Liv and the others, as well as with regard to actually being a zombie, Blaine is ready to hold his own when it comes to the surprising events of season 4.

McIver spoke about Blaine’s role and hinted at multiple other antagonists in the new episodes during a recent iZombie set visit. According to her, because of the special circumstances surrounding the season 4 narrative and the reset of sorts that it presents the series, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to introduce new villains, but they won’t be mustache-twirling baddies, if that’s what you’re expecting. McIver said:

“There are multiple Big Bads, but they’re not Big Bads as such. They’re sort of nuanced shades of Big Bad and different kinds that antagonize different portions of the zombie or human populations. And then we have Blaine who is continuously sort of this Big Bad that, for many reasons, Liv has to keep at bay…because they have a lot of common friends and common enemies and it’s a very challenging position for her to be in. I think she still struggles with that because she clearly hates him and everything that he’s sort of done to her and the people she loves. But he also can help her; he has friends in high places and she kind of has to dance between those two things quite a lot.”

Blaine’s role as an enduring antagonist is one of the most appealing aspects of the show, especially because you can never quite tell exactly which side of the conflict he’ll land. He’s a lot like Walton Goggins’ Boyd Crowder in Justified in that you can’t imagine the show without him. Ever the opportunist, Blaine’s role should be an interesting one to watch in season 4, considering all the changes happening to and within the story, and with the stakes now higher than they’ve ever been.

But the idea of there being multiple antagonists throughout the season not only affords the iZombie writers’ room plenty of opportunities to bring in some new faces and new challenges, it also makes it easier to have Blaine come in contact with Liv and the others. With so many baddies running around in season 4, you have to wonder whether or not Blaine will be more friend or foe.

iZombie season 4 premieres Monday, February 26 @9pm on The CW.

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