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InterviewInterview: iZombie: Rose McIver on Liv's Growing List of Enemies and the...

Interview: iZombie: Rose McIver on Liv’s Growing List of Enemies and the Secrets Major and Gilda are Keeping

Recently, Rose McIver has been interviewed by Eric Goldman during a visit on the Vancouver set of ‘iZombie‘ to chat about the many plotlines swirling around Liv and her friends these days. Rose discussed the show’s growing list of bad guys, the continually complicated situation with Major, her oh-so untrustworthy roommate (and Max Rager spy), Gilda, and more.

IGN: We’ve met Mr. Boss. You’ve got him in play and you have these three villains now – You’ve got Blaine still and you’ve got Vaughn Du Clark. Will those start to come together a bit; the fact that there are these different threats out there for her?

Rose McIver: I think the thing about those three villains and most villains in general is that they’re pretty self serving. It’s unusual for them to form an alliance. There’s a little bit of overlap in some of the story but they’re definitely three people who are looking out for themselves.

IGN: With Blaine specifically, she has no reason to trust him, even as we’re getting a lot of nuance to Blaine this season and learning a lot about him. But for Liv, does she still need to keep her guard up at all times with this guy?

McIver: Absolutely. I don’t think Liv trusts Blaine as far as she can kick him. She knows that he has the capacity to kill people in cold blood and she has been personally hurt by decisions that she’s made. She doesn’t trust him at all. But she knows, for the greater good, for them to be able to find a cure, she needs him. So they have a mutual understanding but I don’t think she’ll be sharing any intimate secrets with him.

IGN: Sometimes they maybe have to work along side each other, but they’re both kind of wary, always watching each other?

McIver: Absolutely, yeah. They feel like kind of two dogs that are on guard. They have a nice rapport as well. They do have an entertaining banter but they’re not relaxed. She’s on guard.

IGN: It’s been interesting to see what you guys have done with Liv and Major this season. As I’ve mentioned to you, I really like that it’s a realistic look at an unrealistic situation. For the two of them, is that going to constantly be, for a while at least, figuring this out and seeing if this can work at all?

McIver: All relationships are compromise. They just happen to have a very big compromise to make in that she’s a zombie! At least he knows now. I think that’s the biggest thing that kind of gives me some hope for them, is that they’re not operating blind anymore and she doesn’t have this big secret from him. Unfortunately, he has a big secret from her now, in terms of what he’s doing, work-wise. It’s kind of a ticking time bomb in terms of how that will all be revealed but it’s nice that they’re able to work together and try to make it work because she loves him dearly and doesn’t want to be with anyone else.

IGN: The other ticking time bomb relating to that is her roommate. Are any suspicions being raised yet by Liv or has she said all the right things so far?

McIver: I feel like it’s thast funny girl/girl thing. She knows something is up with her. She knows she’s a bit hostile or edgy and kind of prickly. I don’t think she has a clue what her involvement is with Max Rager or Major or anyone. But she definitely isn’t relaxed around her either. I think there’s some sort of intuition that has kicked in that says, “This girl is a little unusual.”

IGN: I have to ask you the requisite question of what are your upcoming brains? What have they asked you to do because it’s amazing to see what they throw at you.

McIver: I’m excited. We did the magician brain. That was one of my favorites. Last year at Comic-Con someone asked what I’d like to eat and I said a magician. So it’s kind of cool. Now I’m starting to feel like I have the power to make these things happen which is alarming. I have a stalker brain. I don’t want to give too much away but there’s some diverse stuff. It’s all over the map.


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