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Ghosts CBSInterview: 'Ghosts' Star Rose McIver Responds to Mark Hamill Season 2 Hopes...

Interview: ‘Ghosts’ Star Rose McIver Responds to Mark Hamill Season 2 Hopes Amid Showrunners’ Comments

CBS’s Ghosts has no doubt become a charming favorite among audiences and critics, climbing in ratings each week. With all 18 episodes of Season 1 now available to stream on Paramount+ and Season 2 set to premiere later this fall, Ghosts has raked in some of the best fans across the television landscape. Among those fans is Star Wars icon Mark Hamill, who expressed his love for the single-camera sitcom upon the renewal announcement this past winter. So, will Luke Skywalker join the cast for a guest spot on the CBS sitcom?

While showrunners Joe Port and Joe Wiseman told exclusively they are actively talking about a Hamill appearance, especially in terms of a second part to the episode “Sam’s Mom,” McIver says the living legend’s admiration for the series is “super humbling” to hear and an honor.

[It’s] also really inspiring to me that somebody who is such an icon and such a legend himself is still a total fan and I think that’s kind of everybody who loves storytelling and works in this job, you still are a fan of everything,” McIver told PopCulture while reflecting on Season 1. “I love when I go to conventions and run into Rahul [Kohli] who worked on iZombie with me, he would be lining up to see people with people, now he’s working alongside Mark. I sort of love the side that we’re all audiences and we’re all fans as well and it’s just deeply flattering that Mark would choose our show to kind of get behind and be excited about.

Earlier this month, Port and Wiseman told PopCulture that the details about a Hamill appearance is something they “want to figure out,” particularly following the interest in knowing who Sam’s dad is after we learned more about her mother in Episode 11, played by Rachel Harris. “[Mark] seems like a great match in my mind,” Wiseman said for McIver’s on-screen counterpart. When PopCulture revealed how series star, Asher Grodman expressed his own hopes for Hamill to be his character Trevor’s dad, the showrunners laughed. “Yeah, I don’t know, Mark Hamill doesn’t seem like Trevor’s dad to me,” Port said, to which Wiseman offered his apologies, “Sorry, Asher.

Hamill’s adoration for the show not only surprised the Ghosts cast but sparked a “kindness spree” of comments shared with each of the show’s stars. Grodman, equally humbled by the shoutout, told PopCulture it was a surreal moment that left him pinching himself. “There’s 10 of us and eight of us are in L.A. and two of us are here in New York, myself and Richie who plays Pete. So we were making the six-hour drive back home and Richie at one point was like ‘Mark Hamill is tweeting about our show. I don’t know how we didn’t get into a car accident. I was like “What? What?'” he said through a laugh. “Then he proceeded to individually tweet every single one of us like he was on this kindness spree or something and it was amazing.

Asking whether Hamill has a spot in the Ghosts universe, Grodman smiled from cheek to cheek: “Mark can do whatever he wants in the Ghost universe! I sent a tweet, I think I was like ‘Luke, will you be my father?’ So we’ll have to do another flashback episode. We’d have a bidding war over whose storyline Mark Hamill gets to be in.

While nothing has been confirmed and a Hamill appearance has yet to come to fruition, fans can will into existence as they binge the series all over again on Paramount+ this summer. Get an exclusive streaming offer here and keep it locked to for the latest about the show, news about the cast and everything in between.

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