In a recent interview, Daniel Bonjour (Rose McIver‘s co-star in ‘iZombie‘) gave a few words about her.

Source | Most of your scenes are with costar Rose McIver. Talk about working alongside of her.

She is insanely sweet and very welcoming. My first day was my birthday and I kind of didn’t want to tell people because I was new to the set. She found out somehow and had the whole crew singing “Happy Birthday.” She really did her best to make me feel welcome and from there it just opens up such an easy, fun going atmosphere on the set. They are there making a show that is just as much fun to make as it is to watch. They are jokes and having fun with each other. Then, if there is anyone who needs their serious time it is given to them. So, it’s this really, really laid back, open understanding set. And she is at the top of it. I think that personality and leadership trickles down to everybody else and everybody knows it. So, they love working on the show and every actor that comes on board feels that. And she’s at the top of it.



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