Twenty-seven years ago, Rose McIver was born in Auckland, a city from New Zealand.  She was raised in Titirangi (a suburb in the Waitakere Ward of the city of Auckland) with her father, John George Whitfield McIver and her mother, Annie McIver. (Do not hesitate to read her full biography HERE)

We follow her for years and we are really happy that her talent is finally recognized. She is an actress who has an huge talent, which is able to convey all the emotions through these various interpretations. This is only the beginning of her career, we believe that her career will continue to grow & grow and we will be there to follow it step by step. In addition to her talent, she’s a gorgeous charismatic woman.

Today is our last day of celebrations. You can find below all the icons i’ve made for her birthday. You just have to click to the icon you want to enlarge and then save it.



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