Happy Birthday Rose McIver!


made by stéphanie (rosemciversource.net/mciver-rose.com)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSE! Today is a very special day, and yes, because it’s your birthday!

This year has been kind of crazy for all of us around the world, and still is. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, thank you for all the things you shared on Instagram, joining live shows, or more recently via Interviews. I am sure it helped lots of your fans. You have always been, you always are, a source of inspiration.

If I could make a wish for you for this birthday, I’ll wish that things can get back to normal. For a main reason, seeing you flying back to New Zealand to enjoy -wow-well-deserved-time- with your loved ones.

You always took the time to read messages from your fans, to interact with all of us. AND we are so grateful! I know how much you like meeting fans. And today -in addition to my illustration-gift-, I’ve put together some fanarts, letters, messages from your fans for your birthday. I have always millions reasons to be grateful and proud to be your fan; and today it’s one of these days again. Thank you for being such an inspiration for many, for being so down-to-earth, so true. Thank you for all your support, always.

Sending you lots of love.

– Stéphanie

Some special messages from your fans!

Dear Rose, Happy birthday! My birthday is the day after yours, actually :) You are a true inspiration in so many ways to so many people. There is a strength and goodness in you that shines through you and everything you do, it seems. I aspire to be as patient and gentle with those around me as you are with everyone. And you’re an incredible actor!Truly remarkable what you pulled off in iZombie. All those different personalities within one character. One of my favorites was definitely the “Bro brain” episode in season two. “Time to get your balls wet bro!!!”. You nailed it every time, in every episode. Everything I’ve seen that you have done you were great in. I got this opportunity to write you a few words, so I thought I’d take it. I so so hope to meet you one day. You are a treasure. Cheers! From: Maxie (@MaxTheroondog via Twitter)

made by matti (@connorsfryes)

Here’s my gift for Rose. An inspiration to all of us always. – From: Matti (@connorsfryes via Twitter)

Hi. This is Jake Patterson. I wanted to send a letter to Rose Mciver. I think she’s beautiful, pretty, and adorable. She has a beautiful accent. She has beautiful style. I love her acting. I thought she was beautiful in a christmas prince movies. She did awesome on izombie. I wish she can read my letter and I hope she knows how awesome I think she is and how lovely I think she is. – From: Jake Patterson


– From: Lisa (@onceupon_aoncer via Twitter)


– From: Léo (@kane_leoo via Twitter)

Happy birthday, Rose! Thank you for bring us laughter during this though time. Love you. – From: Alberta (@nicedhampir via Twitter)

My friend Jeoffrey informed me that you are working on a project for Rose McIver’s birthday. A couple of years ago I was at the big Showmaster’s convention in London where the stars of iZombie were guests. As a birthday present for my friend Jeoffrey, (who is a big iZombie fan) I had Rose sign a headshot and wanted a picture of Rose with my friend’s graphic novels but Rose’s handler told me that I would have sign up for the photoshoot. Happily there was availability for the photoshoot.
Funny thing is that the photoshoot for Rose McIver was right after that of Steven Seagal of which his fans were my age or older and mainly male. I was in line among Rose’s fans who were mainly female in their late teens and early twenties from all over Europe. A very hard life and I got to practice my german and spanish with those fans.
Then last November, maybe serendipity I was in Los Angeles when Rose was among the cast performing at the UCLA’s Geffen Playhouse Key Largo written and starring Andy Garcia. I saw the play on a Tuesday, of which there was a Q&A after the play and after that the cast did hang around the lobby to chat with friends and family.
I might have emmbrassed Andy as I asked him to sign a photo of him as a street thug in the pilot episode of Murder She Wrote, to the great amusement of the rest of the cast. Afterwards he graciously accepted to pose for these pictures that I have not made public until now.

– From: Evander

made by David Golding (@dgcstudios)

– From Robert for his friend David Golding (@dgcstudios) via Twitter



















I m not so good in sketching but i had tried my level best! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSE! – From: Rishav Kumar

I want to wish my favorite zombie a Happy Birthday!  Love and God Bless – From: Hank Renkert Jr.

Happy Birthday to my favourite heroine… may your day filled with blessings and love lasts with lifetime! I am taking this opportunity to show you how much you mean to me by wishing you happy birthday.(#rosemciver) From your loved ones fan… #Sravani (India, andhrapradesh, vizag) – From: Fiorella Sravs

happy Birthday! – From: @Tareq2021t via Twitter

Happy Birthday to one of my favourite Queen Amber Moore. – From: @victoria_genny via Twitter

Happy Birthday to you Rose! – From: @nikkykiki via Twitter

Happy Birthday Rose! We love you! – From: James (@Somethingscary6 via Twitter)

I wish you a very Happy Birthday! Best wishes! – From: Joel (@Joelhawes02 via Twitter)

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My name is Stéphanie - creator, webmaster and social medias manager of The Rose McIver Fansite (known as Rose McIver Source). I have been a french fan of Rose since a decade. Way back in 2013, I noticed there were no French or English website supporting her projects or promoting her amazing work – that's why I decided to create this fansite, in English to reach a larger audience. I started following Rose in my early twenties, here I am in my thirties, even more enthusiastic to share everything related to her career.​ I had the opportunity to meet Rose three times. In May 2017, at the 'Fairy Tales 5' con in Paris. In February 2020, virtually during "Empire's Virtual Hangout 4". In May 2023, I went to Germany to meet Rose again.


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