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Stephanie – May 27, 2017 – Paris (France)

When meets Rose McIver…

On May 27, 2017, I had the immense pleasure and the incredible chance to meet Rose McIver.

To begin with, I had the chance to participate in Rose McIver‘s ‘Meet and Greet’ (private session of questions/answers with 10 to 20 people maximum). At first, Rose tried to make us feel comfortable, not stressed. She asked us where we came from, if we were all talking French or other languages. To continue, we went around the table and everyone was able to ask the question he wanted. Here is what we learned.

  • She finished filming ‘Brampton’s Own’ 2 weeks before the fanmeet.
  • She told us the Netflix movie is a family movie. Its also a Christmas movie. It was very cold to film as there was snow.
  • She is actually learning FRENCH, and she actually understand it well! She wants to practice a lot this weekend.
  • She told us than the brains taste is very bad. One time, she eated the pizza all around the piece of brains and they tell her, ‘eat the part with the brain’. ahah
  • She said that Jennifer Morrison is an awesome director. When, they filmed ‘Demon Days’, it was the first time Jennifer directed something.
  • She was sad that Jennifer Morrison’s play opened stage 1 week after she was leaving the US.

The second part of my meeting with Rose McIver was the photoshoot one. What an adorable person is she! I told her in french that I had two  pictures with her. I said that I would like a hug for the first one and she was like ‘Oh yeah, of course!’. For the second picture, we took a ‘zombie’ one, it was very funny. She was really, really so sweet.

Now, I will talk to you about this magical moment who happened during the afternoon. I had the immense honor of being part of the second edition of the ‘Fandom United‘. We raised money for a few charities supported by the ‘Once Upon a Time‘ actors, thanks to amazing & very generous donators. We were lucky, during the group photos, to give the check to all the actors. When we waited for the green light, to give them the check, Rose McIver immediately noticed it and told Colin O’Donoghue ‘Oh! What is this check ?!’. When it was time to give them, Rose immediately grabbed it on her hands and said, ‘Woow, it’s amazing!!’ She was really surprised and delighted to see what we had been able to pick up. She added that she wanted to keep it. All the actors were really delighted and it was a very beautiful moment.

The best time for me is the one that will follow. After having done the autograph with Sam Witwer (who is also an incredibly kind & funny person!), It was Rose McIver‘s turn. I was very stressed about giving her the great ‘iZombie Cookbook‘ I had made several weeks ago. The first thing I wanted to do, was to give her this book before asking her for the autograph. I gave it to her and she was like ‘Wooooooow’. I told her ‘I don’t know if you remember it on Twitter’, and she said ‘Yeeeeah, I remember!! You made it? I looooove it, it’s amazing.’. She turned all pages, looked inside and was really delighted and surprised that I offer it to her.

I then asked her if it was possible that she would make an autograph for the site, showing her “” which appears at the bottom of iZombie’s recipe book. She then said ‘Oh! Is that you too ?! I’ve heard people saying great things about it.’ and she added something like ‘It’s really nice. It’s amazing!’.

Before meeting her, I heard all the fans say that she was adorable, very nice, listening. And now, I can only approve that. She is an incredably natural, funny person, very attentive, patient. I’ve done a lot of conventions and met a great number of actors and I can tell you that shee’s one of the most amazing actresses I’ve ever met. She is really very grateful, she takes time for all her fans. Actually, I can’t believe I met her and, I can’t believe how generous she was. And all that, is very objective! (ahah) I have seen people have a real heart stroke for her, without being a fan before. If one day, you have the opportunity to meet her. DO IT. You won’t regret it.