FanMeet – Kiah – June 4, 2016 – Armageddon Expo 2016 (NZ)


First at the panel, when they opened questions to the audience I shot my hand up straight away ; Rose saw me and was like “Oh, I can see a Liv, Let’s ask the Liv first“. Then, she told me that she loved my costume before I asked my question and said I did a really good job. After, she recognised me when I went to get my photos with her and she told me like 3 times,  that I really did an amazing job on my costume and my make up was amazing. I told her she was beautiful. At the signing she recognised me again and told me again she loved my costume. She was so heartwarmed with the book* she loved it so much and she loved the pixie dust, and she said it was so sweet and she can’t wait to read it. Then me and another Liv went back again and talked to her a little bit and she took a photo of us on her phone. Then, she thanked me again for the book and we discussed ‘Once Upon A Time‘ and how she was enjoying her time back and she’s just such a sweetheart.

*Kiah made a Fanbook (a book where fan’s were able to write a message for Rose) and gave it to Rose at the convention.

Big thanks to Kiah for sharing her story with us!