Dominique – June 4, 2016 – Armageddon Expo 2016 (NZ)

Panel- I sat on 2nd row and I saw for a second before she walked on and started freaking out, I started crying when she walked on stage. I asked her a question and said that I love her so much and she said ‘Thanks‘. I asked her how excited she was to have Aly Michalka promoted to a season regular and what would it mean for the relationships with Payton and the other characters. She said how much she loves Aly and that she hopes Payton and Ravi get together because they’re her second OTP after Clive and Bozzio. She also answered someone else’s question and said her favorite ‘Once Upon a Time‘ OTP is Hook and Emma and I died. I stayed and watched that for 50 minutes and it was the coolest thing to be apart of a panel and see her that close and get to talk to her through the mic, ask a question. She also said how she misses Whittakers when she’s in America.

Photo- For the photo we got to go in and she put her arms around me and I said ‘I love you so much‘ again and she said ‘Thank you‘ and we took our photo. I went out and waited while my friends got their photos and once again died.

Signing- Okay so I was like ‘Aw me and my friend wrote you these letters. My friend really wants to be here but were from Whangarei so she couldn’t make it‘. She was like a bit of a hassle to get here then she read the outside of the letters and was like ‘aw so you’re Dominique, and this is Keelys, thank you so much‘. Then I told her that I love her and Jen and they’re bestie goals and that she needs to bring her here. She was like ‘yes I do aye!’ She signed my picture and said to have a good day and I said I loved her for like the 5th time today and left and died again