Don’t forger the mail address :

Romane and Marion are doing the official fanbook of Rose McIver for the ‘Fairy Tales V‘ convention.

The convention will take place on May 27-28th, 2017 in Paris, the deadline to send the fanbook is May 14th 2017, more specifically in 4 months!
What’s more, her return on the show has been announced and it would be an inspiration for your little messages : show her how much you’re happy to see her again and to meet her.

Here’s a summary of all the sections they’ll set up in the Fanbook :

1) “We all love Rose!” : little words for the actress with a picture of yourself if you want to.
2) “Rose’s friendship” : pictures and comments about her friendships built on different sets.
3) “Rose on Once Upon A Time” : explain why you love her character and add your favorite pictures of her if you want to.
4) “Rose on iZombie” : explain why you love the show and her character and add some pictures if you want to.
5) “Show us your Cosplays” : send us your pictures of her characters’ Cosplays (OUAT, iZombie…).
6) “Fan’s creations” : this section will be dedicated to your drawings, photomontages, fanarts…


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