Empire’s Virtual Hangout 4 – Master Post (February 28, 2021)



Today (February 28, 2021) Rose is attending ‘Empire’s Virtual Hangout 4‘, a virtual fanmeet. Here’s a small summary of what Rose said during the Meet&Greet and Q&A.


  • Best memory of #iZombie, #dungeonsanddragons episode. Having everybody filming at the same place/same time was amazing as they are a big family.
  • No bad memories from #iZombie. She’s not missing early morning calls ahah.
  • Robert was the most funny on set #iZombie. He was always full of energy, making jokes/pranks.
  • There is no #AChristmasPrince4 planned. But, there is rumors going around that it could be possible to have a crossover between all Netflix’s Christmas movies.
  • She’s working on some projects as a director. But it’s too soon to talk about it, she will let us know when she can.
  • She recently started #SchittsCreek. She loves a good comedy.
  • She also recently started to watch/rewatch good old movies such as #Big, #NothingHill.
  • She would love to write and direct a Christmas movie.
  • When everything will be better, she would love to travel to Paris. To Europe.
  • Fact about #AChristmasPrince, they filmed in Romania, close to the Dracula’s Castle (where the legend of Dracula was written). The doors were so so small and they were made for her (lol).
  • She came to Paris, once or twice. She’s still learning french but it’s a bit hard as it’s great to learn on Duolingo but she can’t practice. She’s not very confident about her french.
  • She also learned french grammar in high school.
  • During the meet and greet, she updated her name on Zoom from “Frances Rose” to “Rose (your new friend)”.
  • She is absolutely obsessed with amigurumi.

Q & A

  • Rose said that she didn’t take anything from the set of #OUAT, they didn’t know if she was going to come back so she was not allowed to take anything.
  • Favorite country to film a project? NZ, because it’s her home but also Romania, such a beautiful country. She would like to spend more time there.
  • Her favorite show, in which she would like to play? For her, it’s #Ghosts, it’s her dream role. She really hope they will be able to make it. The british version of it is also excellent. #Ghosts is a bit like #WhatWeDoInTheShadows.
  • Amber (makeup artist in #iZombie), became a really good friend of Rose. She even travelled with her to Romania to do her makeup in #AChristmasPrince.
  • It was amazing for her to film #Ghosts. In a few days it will be 1 year since they really first started working on this project (table read,…), so it was really so good they have been able to do it during the pandemic (in December).
  • She saw Malcolm, Rahul and Aly recently. #iZombie
  • When she first read the script of #AChristmasPrince, she didn’t know it was going to be a hit. She feels so lucky.
  • She probably should ask some of her friend in #WhatWeDoInTheShadows to make an appearance, but we all know that Taika Waititi is very busy actually, and Jemaine Clement is also busy on another project.
  • What was it to film #iZombie? They were filming from Monday (starting at 4am) to Friday (from 11AM to Midnight)
  • In #Daffodils, it’s funny but it was easier to play the character in her 70’s than in her 20’s, lol.
  • When she is having a bad day or anything, the best album EVER for her is Graceland from Paul Simon (she made us listen to this, it was so easy for her to find it in her phone ahah)


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