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Coward – Synopsis + Teaser

Hi everybody,

We have now more informations about Rose McIver‘s short film called ‘Coward‘. We already know that the short film is produced by one of Rose’s closer friends, Karen Gillan. Here’s the official synopsis and the first teaser starring Rose.

Tormented Hollywood starlet Ophelia plunders the depths of her troubled psyche, painfully confronting the solitude and disconnect from reality that her celebrity has brought her.

‘Coward’ will make his european premiere on June 19 in Edinburgh (Scotland).

You can see the exclusive teaser on EdFilmFest site.

coward-rosemciversource_281529.jpg coward-rosemciversource_282329.jpg coward-rosemciversource_284829.jpg coward-rosemciversource_286829.jpg coward-rosemciversource_289229.jpg
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