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Interview5 Curious Things About Rose McIver

5 Curious Things About Rose McIver

“iZombie,” after its cliff-hanger season one finale, will definitely return for season 2. Fans learned that Liv Moore, played by Rose McIver, will be teaming up with Blaine — yes, that’s unusual — because the head of Max Rager will be targeting the zombies.

There had been spoilers, theories, trailers and hints released about “iZombie” season 2 while the series is on hiatus, preparing for its premiere. In one of the teasers, Liv even jested that she’s ready to pick the brain of Ravi, played by Rahul Kohli, according to The Christian Post.

Many are excited of “iZombie’s” return. However, before that happens, let’s take a little detour, and get to know the lead cast Rose McIver as she shares five interesting facts about her you might have not known yet.

1. She loves to study.

“I crave knowledge,” she said in an interview with NZ Herald. “So studying seems like the obvious thing to do while I can, while I have no dependents.”

She was enrolled at the University of Auckland, taking up psychology, anthropology and linguistics while she was filming “Predicament” in 2010.

2. She views acting as a hobby rather than a job.

The “iZombie” season 2 star grew up in front of the camera. She started acting and appeared in some commercials when she was three in New Zealand.

“It’s nothing exceptional,” she said. “Some kids played hockey in their school holidays and I just worked.

“Acting was always more of a hobby than a serious pursuit,” she added.

3. She enjoys writing.

John Steinbeck, Wally Lamb and Franz Kafka are some of her favorite authors according to Fashion & Style. Although, she was timid to discuss her writing, saying it was “just one of those things actors do.”

4. She was a Power Ranger.

McIver played Summer Landsdown, also known as the Yellow Ranger, in the 2009 “Power Rangers R.P.M.,” Wetpaint has learned. In the same year, she was cast as Lindsey Salmon in the movie “The Lovely Bones” with Rachel Weisz and Mark Wahlberg.

5. She is a doer.

“I don’t really want to sit around waiting for work,” she said. “I’d rather make things happen.”


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