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Appearance*LIVE* 2016: San Diego Comic-Con - iZombie

*LIVE* 2016: San Diego Comic-Con – iZombie [MASTER-POST]

As we will have a lot of informations/photos around the various ‘San Diego Comic-Con‘ event, here is a MASTER-POST so you can find everything easily. Huge thanks to our friends Ophélie (owner of and Marion (owner of for their kind help!

July 21th, 2016

Syfy Live At SDCC

MTV Fandom Awards

Again, Rose has been stylised by ‘Exclusive Artists Management’ artists. Her hair have been done by Matt Fugate and her makeup by Morgan Gates.

July 22th, 2016


San Diego Comic-Con – Signing, Press Line, Press Room



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San Diego Comic-Con – Portraits

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  • Rose is a “big shipper” with a lot of opinions about the different pairings on
  • Rose would love for Liv & Major to get back together but there are bigger things at play right now that need to be addressed.
  • Going into season 3, there’s some fun brains coming, but bigger plot developments too.
  • Rose McIver chats about playing a dominatrix next season on iZombie
  • Rose McIver is super happy the Scooby gang has expanded.
  • Rose McIver is OK with rats but not with brains.
  • Rose McIver chats about playing a dominatrix next season on iZombie
  • Upcoming brain chow for iZombie: dominatrix, father-daughter duo for Liv and Major
  • Rose calls Clive “BabbaKNOWS” now that he knows her secret.
  • Rob Thomas says that they already know what the Season 3 finale looks like.
  • Rose McIver is happy to know that whoever Liv is with romantically next that he won’t die.
  • Rose also see Liv and Major as friends, first and foremost.
  • Aly Michalka joked that she’d rather Peyton be with Liv rather Ravi or Blaine.
  • Rob Thomas promises a Law and Order-like episode. Clive and Liv will catch the criminal; Peyton will prosecute them.
  • Rahul wants Ben Kingsley to play Ravi’s dad and Rose wants Bill Murray to play Liv’s dad.
  • Vivian will be sort of a zombie mentor to Liv in Season 3.
  • Liv will be eating the brain of a dominatrix in Season 3.
  • “Ficus” will be Liv’s dominatrix safe word Rob and Diane joke.
  • Everyone will be “on the same page” in Season 3. Liv calls them the “No Secret Club.”
  • David want to cross over with . Aly says she wants . Rose wants one with Whose Line Is It Anyway.
  • Rose says that the taste of the brains has definitely improved.
  • Rahul was shocked that Ravi had to kill someone in S2. Rose says she was shocked that Robert Buckley was allowed to sing.
  • Rahul made sure to come along with Rose and Aly when they filmed at the strip club in Season 2.
  • There will be a new wig this season for Rose as Liv.
  • Rose listens to David Bowie when preparing to play Liv.
  • Rose just gave an incredible explanation as to why Liv is such an amazing character and with that, the panel is over.
  • Rose loves Liv striking appearance, doesn’t think she would want to blend in. She considers Bowie an inspiration.
  • Rose says she loves interacting with fans on social media and the fans dressing up as their characters.
  • “We’re excited how it’s going to look. It’s going to be even better.” – Rose
  • Aly says Rose is a major trooper with the wig.
  • Rose can’t bleach her hair for real, describes her hair as a “bail of hay hot glued to her scalp”.
  • Rose loves all the different things she learns from playing different brains, but didn’t enjoy the racist brain.
  • Liv & Ravi performed “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” in the country singer ep but it got cut for time.
  • Rose was shocked that they would give Major a singing scene. “Buckley went deep with the singing scene.”
  • Rose says the guys were “such babies” about the jelly brains/hot sauce combo they have to eat.

Highlight from ‘iZOMBiE’ Panel:

In the upcoming season, Rose says to expect a wiser Liv who wants their to be no more secrets within the main group. She also stated that in regards to Liv and Major’s romantic relationship Liv has bigger fish to fry and her focus will be on the zombie takeover plaguing Seattle.

Speaking of romantic drama, expect the triangle between Blaine, Peyton, and Ravi to heat up. Aly was pretty quite about who she would rather Peyton end up with and David said that he loves how the triangle really focuses on the good and bad dynamic.

Some other fun facts fans learned about season three are Major will make it his priority to find Natalie and Ravi will continue in his pursuit to perfect the cure. Also, fans can expect a Law And Order inspired episode and a dominatrix themed episode.

The new season of iZombie will air during The CW’s midseason. Literally this was one of our favorite panels. The cast was hilarious and it made us with we got more panel time with them.

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