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Appearance2014 San Diego Comic Con: iZombie (MASTER POST)

2014 San Diego Comic Con: iZombie (MASTER POST)

As we had a lot of informations about #iZombie during this week’s Comic Con, here’s a master-post where you can find all the photos, information & events related to #SDCC that Rose McIver attended this week.

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– Like, Rose McIver’s voice even sounds like Kristen Bell.
– Such a Veronica Mars vibe front the extended trailer. Love it!
Liv is psychic ish. – “Seriously, how did you solve crime before me?”
– “we need to find who did this and nail his ass to the wall.”
– No pilot screening today due to recasting. Reshoots going on in the next three days.
– Exclusive look at was absolutely brilliant! Buffy mixed with and Hard Bodies. Excited for the season!
– Other supernatural beings? “No we’re going to be a straight zombie show.” — Rob Thomas
– Rose likes the tone of the show and is excited about it.
– iZombie extended trailer was delightfully surprising. Good twist on classic mystery in the vein of Psych and Veronica Mars
– Rose says playing a zombie is fun, playing a med student is hard.
– Rose nailed the auditioned for the part.
Producers felt they were getting a hit it once they got Rose.
– Rose McIver was the 100th actress to audition.
– Why Rose McIver? Charming, who u root for, can get a New Zealand fallback accent. — Rob Thomas
– When Liv eats brains she also picks up the dead persons talents.
– The brains don’t completely overtake Liv.
drama with a sense off humor
closer to Buffy the Vampire Slayer than to Veronica Mars.
– I’m getting a pool! We have a hit. — Diane Ruggiero on finding Rose McIver.
Not just brain solving mystery of the week. In will be a big zombie plot line.
– When Liv gets hungry her makeup gets darker.
Diane on Rose’s look in : “I believe the term is ZILF.”
– W
hen she eats a new brain remnants of then old brain is out of her system and no longer takes over.
– Bad Zombies will make more zombies and it’s super easy to make more zombies.
– It was great to have a network that wanted a strong female character as their lead.” -Diane Ruggiero-Wright
Liv can’t control when she turns into a full zombie.
Liv solving murders brings meaning to her life.

Thanks to: VladaGelman, iZombieLive, iZombieWrites, CisforCostumes, TheRealJethro, A_news.

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