After more than 20 years on the air and 18 incarnations, over 200 actors have cycled through the “Power Rangers” franchise. With most versions of “Power Rangers” lasting only one season, it gives plenty of opportunities for young actors. So what happens after they leave the show?

A surprising number of cast members end up working on TV shows in New Zealand — where “Power Rangers” has filmed since 2003 — but some of them do end up making it in the United States. While in many cases the actors end up in guest-starring roles on a variety of series, there is an elite group that has been able to grab starring roles in their post-“Power Rangers” career.

You may be surprised about some of the people who got their first exposure on “Power Rangers,” but everyone has to start somewhere. Below, Zap2it takes a look at those who made the most of the experience and became successful.

Played: Summer Landsdown/Yellow Ranger on “Power Rangers RPM” (2009)
Where you’ve seen her: Liv Moore on “iZombie,” Vivian Scully on “Masters of Sex” and Tinkerbell on “Once Upon a Time.”

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