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Week 02 (02/08 to 06/08) – Behind The Brains

WEEK 02 (August, 02th to August, 06th) – Behind the Brains

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On this special post dedicated to ‘iZombie‘ Season 3 filming, find all informations (photos/videos/tweets) by weeks. Be sure to check out THIS PAGE for a full coverage of the season 3’s filming.

  • 02/08 (Rose) – “If hating you burned calories, I’d be at my goal weight, Rose”. Uttered by Robert Buckley. #iZombie #behindthebrains
  • 03/08 (Rose) – “Was I circumcised at birth? No, I was 26, it was a dare”. Robert Buckley
  • 04/08 (Rose) – Dan, on whether we should share a room, “To be honest Rose, I’m a bit concerned about my sheer animal magnetism.”
  • 04/08 (Rose) – Tonight I learned, painfully, that I’m allergic to merino wool.
  • 06/08 (Rose) – “Your wig is made of human hair?” “Yes of course” “Oh, my hair plugs are a combo of feline, canine and equine”. Buckley.

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