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iZombie (TV Show) – Episode Guide – Quotes

Welcome on our ‘iZombie Episode Guide – Quotes‘ Database. Here you will be able to find season by season and episodes by episodes ; all quotes related to Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore on ‘iZombie‘.



Season 1

I don’t have post-traumatic stress. I have post-traumatic ennui. Post-traumatic defeatism. Post-traumatic ‘what’s the point?’ — Liv, 1.01

I have so many questions. First, why the hot sauce? Is that a zombie thing? — Ravi, 1.01

I’ve been terrified about someone finding out about me for months, and you’re acting like it’s the measles. — Liv, 1.01

I don’t know what you are. Emo? Goth? Which is the one who’s too tortured to go on living? — Clive, 1.01  

Season 2

Season 3