Rose McIver


Birth Name: Frances Rose McIver
Place of Birth: Auckland, New Zealand
Date of Birth: October 10, 1988
Occupation: Actress, Writer, Singer, Director
Debut: The Piano (1993)
Working On: iZombie (2015-2019), Daffodils (2019), A Christmas Prince 3 (2019), Nice Ride
Official: Twitter | Instagram

Rose Frances McIver (most known as Rose McIver) is born on October 10, 1988 in Auckland (New Zaeland). She is best known for her role as Summer Landsdown in 2009’s ‘Power Rangers: RPM‘, ‘Lindsey Salmon’ on the supernatural drama film ‘The Lovely Bones‘ and TinkerBell on ‘Once Upon A Time‘ Most recently she was seen as ‘Liv Moore’ in the CW show ‘iZombie‘ but also in netflix christmas trilogy ‘A Christmas Prince‘.


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