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Rose McIver at ‘Armageddon Expo 2016’ Day 0,1 and 2 – Master Post

June 3 to June 5, Rose McIver is attending the ‘Armageddon Expo 2016‘ held at the Westpac Arena in Wellington (New Zealand).

Rose McIver went to several events during the convention. On Friday night, she went to the party organized by the event. Then, the weekend, she made several panels and photos with her fans but also signed some autographs.

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01. Photos from the event:

  • June 3 – Armageddon Expo 2016 (Party)
    tmp_27139-IMG_20160604_1336541136680401.jpg tmp_30667-IMG_20160605_110942-1917547115.jpg tmp_27139-IMG_20160604_1340521679768851.jpg tmp_27139-IMG_20160604_133708-245151546.jpg
  • June 4 – Armageddon Expo 2016 – Day 1 (Panel)
    tmp_3196-IMG_20160604_070415-1705376655.jpg tmp_14026-IMG_20160604_153700-694669151.jpg tmp_14026-IMG_20160604_153702-769353031.jpg tmp_14026-IMG_20160604_153708-1829896061.jpg
  • June 5 – Armageddon Expo 2016 – Day 2 (Inside)
    tmp_30667-IMG_20160605_110528-1933647701.jpg tmp_30667-IMG_20160605_110509168260935.jpg tmp_30667-IMG_20160605_110444-477747138.jpg
  • June 5 – Armageddon Expo 2016 – Day 2 (Panel)
    tmp_9561-IMG_20160605_1127392039131833.jpg tmp_9561-IMG_20160605_112742-115489596.jpg tmp_9561-IMG_20160605_113901-948842632.jpg tmp_9561-IMG_20160605_110011-1778615102.jpg

02. Infos:

  • Rose told that she ships Ravi and Peyton. #iZombie
  • Rose wants a #iZombie and #TheFlash crossover.
  • In the zombie apocalypse, Rose will put on a helmet to protect her brain & RUN. No confronting or saving!

03. Videos:

Big thanks especially to Kiah for her kindness but also Lauren Hutchinson, Joel, and everyone who shared all those great photos/videos/infos