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July 22, 2017: Comic-Con International – iZombie [MASTER-POST]

On July 22, 2017, Rose McIver went to the Comic Con of San Diego for the second day for the ‘TV GUIDE Fan Favorites’ panel and also the annual ‘Entertainment Weekly’ Party. Sh Find in this post all information, photos, videos and more! (Rose was also there on July 21, for all information about it, click here to access the other post)



High Quality Photos:

rosemciversource-sdcc_282729.jpg rosemciversource-sdcc_282829.jpg rosemciversource-sdcc_282929.jpg rosemciversource-sdcc_283029.jpg 
 beimages_8971135in.jpg beimages_8971135ik.jpg Rose_McIver_Entertainment_Weekly_Hosts_Annual_6tgsdVnBlWfl28229.jpg
47525413_hqcelebcorner-2.jpg 47525431_hqcelebcorner-6.jpg 47525441_hqcelebcorner-8.jpg 47525409_hqcelebcorner-1.jpg

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