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‘Secret Garden’ short film is out!

Great news, the music videos of the indie band Wild Wild Horses directed  by Jennifer Morrison and starring Rose McIver and Geoff Stults has been released. This music video also feature a 10 minute short film called ‘Secret Garden‘ narrative which features four stand alone music videos.

In the video Rose plays a young woman haunted by a ghost from the past. Rose was able to shoot for this project inbetween shooting days for her hit CW show, iZombie.

Below, you can access the screencaps of the short film (+700) and HQ promotionnal photo for the film.

wildwildhorses-shortfilm-rosemciversource_281629.jpg wildwildhorses-shortfilm-rosemciversource_285329.jpg wildwildhorses-shortfilm-rosemciversource_2811929.jpg wildwildhorses-shortfilm-rosemciversource_2814729.jpg wildwildhorses-musicvideo-rosemciversource_2816329.jpg wildwildhorses-musicvideo-rosemciversource_2825029.jpg
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6tag-204317068-1134237534103033293_204317068.jpg jennifer-morrison-wild-wild-horses-03.JPG 6tag-1313808046-1137835833167945389_1313808046.jpg n n n
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