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Rose McIver at ‘Juliette Hogan SS16 showcase’

April 21, during her #McIversDoLA Family Trip, Rose McIver and her stepsister (Philippa) went to the ‘Juliette Hogan SS16 showcase‘ event which was held at the Nuspace in Los Angeles.

Rose is a big fan of the designer Juliette Hogan*, her favorite clothes are also from this designer, she wears one of her pieces almost at all her appareances and this for over 5 years.

*Juliette Hogan is a brand that Rose had known in New Zealand (origin place of the brand).


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#McIversDoLA: Family Trip!

Rose McIver‘s brother (Paul), his wife (Philippa) and their two children have joined the United States to discover Los Angeles. This is the first time for them, as they live in New Zealand (Rose’s birthplace). Rose have decided to guide them and help them discover the US Pacific coast! Be sure to keep this post very close, we will update it as soon as we have more photos/infos!

  • April 18-19: They finally arrived in Los Angeles! We have the first photos of their trip.


  • April 20: Today they visited ‘Venice Beach’ (a famous neighborhood in Los Angeles)


  • April 21: Great day today, they went to ‘Disneyland’ (Anaheim) for the pleasure of children and adults. Rose was there with her family. Rahul Kohli and Malcolm Goodwin (Rose colleagues from ‘iZombie’) were also there the same day independently.


  • April 21: In the evening, Rose and her stepsister (Philippa) traveled to the event ‘Juliette Hogan SS16 showcase’. More informations about this event are available HERE.


  • April 22: On the evening of April 22, Rose and his brother went to the ‘Magic Castle‘ in Los Angeles (an organization who promotes the art of magic, encourages fellowship and maintains the highest ethical standards. They provide a friendly, inspiring environment (dinner, clubhouse) where members and their guests can enjoy the art and each other’s company.)

tmp_28466-BEiHxpJpcaY1232533201.jpg tmp_28466-BEiIViuR1ti-1796561340.jpg

  • April 23: Today, they made a walk in Hollywood.

tmp_8558-BEpOx5TLSJP47409773.jpg tmp_8558-BEpM-kPrSFp1010441642.jpg

  • April 25: Rose‘s parents, Annie and John have arrived in Los Angeles too.


  • April 26: Today, they went all to the ‘Natural History Museum‘ of Los Angeles (the mission of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is to inspire wonder, discovery and responsibility for our natural and cultural worlds.)
    Today was also the birthday of John, Rose‘s father. After a walk under the sun, they went all to two different restaurants to celebrate his birthday. Several friends of the family who previously lived in New Zealand and are now settled in Los Angeles as Rose, were there, such as: Becca Lane, David Farrier, Georgie Craw and some of Rose’s best friends: Elvy Yost, Kenny Jamez, George Byrne.

tmp_1138-BEsLfrPR1ni943888332.jpgtmp_1138-BErkIucrSIR1452194101.jpgtmp_11651-IMG_20160428_232113-1175917749.jpgtmp_1138-BEsXNbRG0V9-1475470375.jpg tmp_1138-BEsSZlspcSH1778588094.jpg

  • April 28: Today is the last day for Rose‘s brother, her wife and childres in Los Angeles. They are flying back to New Zealand today.


  • April 29: Today, Rose, her mom and her dad went to the ‘Los Angeles County Museum of Art(this museum holds more than 150000 works spanning the history of art from ancient times to the present.)
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Rose McIver at SiriusXM Studios – Interview

Today, April 12, Rose McIver was at the ‘SiriusXM Studios’ in New York City for a new interview. HQ photos and more informations will be added asap!

April 15: +8 HQ photos have been added! Enjoy :)
April 17: Interview has been released! Be sure to check ou the video (audio only!) below :)


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iZombie – 2.18 ‘Dead Beat’ and 2.19 ‘Salivation Army’ – Episode Stills

I’ve finally updated the gallery with HQ episode stills from ‘iZombie‘ double-episode finale who were missing.

Liv (Rose McIver) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) are in need of help and find an unlikely ally in Blaine (David Anders). Detective Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) and Dale Bozzio (guest star Jessica Harmon) pursue a new lead on an old case. Meanwhile, when Major (Robert Buckley) finds himself in a world of trouble, sleazebag Brant Stone (guest star Ken Marino) comes to his rescue. Vaughn’s (guest star Steven Weber) evil side reaches a whole new level of mean.

Episode 2.18 ‘Dead Beat’ who aired on April 12, 2016. I’ve added +05 HQ photos.

1 2

Episode  2.19 ‘Salivation Army’ who also aired on April 12, 2016. I’ve added +04 HQ photos.

3 4

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Gallery Update – iZombie, Miscellaneous

Hi everyone,

Today, I’ve made an update on the gallery. Mainly pictures from social networks. Enjoy!

iZombie – Behind the Scenes (Season 2)
Now you can find over +175 bts photos from season 2


iZombie – Behind the Scenes (Season 1)
Now you can find over +200 bts photos from season 1

izombie_28329~0.jpg izombie_28229~1.jpgizombie_28129~1.jpg045.jpg_imrosemciver_Season_one_nostalgia____iZombie_13-04-16.jpg


lGQg-YCQvqY.jpg 3C_1y_PJX9U.jpg12940090_797215697046891_530324371_n.jpg12519380_587055544797403_864981933_n.jpgcB5iA5DTDGM.jpg

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‘iZombie’s Season Finale Unleashes the Apocalypse, Is a Masterpiece

Yasmina Y. (Editorial Assitant from has sent us this article by mail. This article is a review from ‘iZombie’ EPIC finale season. If you HAVEN’T seen these episodes yet, do not read below!

Finally, all hell has broken loose on iZombie! After two tense, witty seasons of Liv and Ravi trying to hold back a full blown zombie outbreak, we’ve gotten our sweet release in watching their safety precautions and secrets blown wide open.

The A-plot saw the situation at Max Rager escalate to the point where police — including Clive — needed to get involved, but the B-plots brought most of the episode’s cathartic fun. Ravi can stop putting Peyton on a pedestal now, because she slept with Blaine, Clive gave up his girlfriend and now knows Liv’s secret, and Liv and Major are officially sharing brains and carrying out their dastardly bloody deeds in tandem. We could get behind a Liv and Major romance, 3.0, if they were both undead and not keeping secrets from each other.

Last night’s finale served itself well, even offering Clive the opportunity to become a half-caf zombie like Major and Liv. Though that was thwarted quickly, the plot point gave us an interesting question: at some point in this version of Seattle will humanity become extinct? If the apocalypse really is raging, won’t it make more sense for everyone to become zombified and live consciously off brains like Liv and Major? Can zombies eat zombie brains? It’ll be a numbers game, eventually, which doesn’t sound exciting, but the ride all the way to the end of days is looking like a roaring good time.

In another fantastic moment, we saw Liv put a bullet in Drake’s head in order to save Clive. It was an obvious choice, but oh, what a fun little nugget of storytelling, after the show spent so many wasted episodes watching Liv pine over a muscled zombie with barely a whiff of personality. iZombie’s core group of characters is so likable and well-rendered that it’s a joy to see them choose each other. Liv and Clive have gotten closer this season, and their slight paternal partnership is great fodder for the show’s developing emotional core. Remember when Clive told Liv he couldn’t work with her? That episode sucked.

The only real bummer in the episode was watching a murder spree go down without the help of Blaine, who’s still locked in his amnesia for some reason. As the most dynamic and cutting character on the show — which is saying a lot, because they’re all quite witty — Blaine is a real loss when he’s rendered useless. The moment at the end of last night’s episode, in which he and Peyton ran to each other, was definitely sweet. Ravi watching the romantic encounter happen felt bad, in a good way, like scratching when you know you shouldn’t. But still, Blaine is at his most useful to the story when he’s rolling his eyes and insulting others. Here’s hoping he’s back in action in Season 3.