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Set in 1971, Petals on the Wind follows the lives of the three Dollganger daughters, now young adults, trying to shake off the legacy of their mother’s abuse. Their efforts are marred by lingering guilt and present tragedy. Dogged by disaster, Cathy ultimately concocts a scheme to avenge herself on her mother.
Hello everyone and welcome on; your first and largest source for everything about Rose McIver. You may know her for her role as 'Summer Landsdown' in 'Power Rangers RPM' or more recently as 'TinkerBell' on the hit serie 'Once Upon A Time'. Soon, you'll be able to see her in the 'Petals on the Wind' followup as 'Cathy Dollganger'. She also pick up the lead role in the new CW's pilot 'iZombie' of Rob Thomas alongside Robert Buckley. Here you'll find all the latest news, HQ pictures, videos, interviews and more about the multi-talented actress. Enjoy your stay!
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iZombie (2014)
as Olivia Moore
Liv, a medical student-turned-zombie who takes a job in the Coroner’s Office in order to gain access to the brains she must reluctantly eat so that she can maintain her humanity. However, with every brain she eats, she inherits the corpse’s memories. With the help of her medical examiner boss and a police detective, she solves homicide cases in order to quiet the disturbing voices in her head.
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  • Petals on the Wind (2014)
    as Cathy Dollanganger
    Set in 1971, Petals on the Wind follows the lives of the three Dollganger daughters, now young adults, trying to shake off the legacy of their mother’s abuse. Their efforts are marred by lingering guilt and present tragedy. Dogged by disaster, Cathy ultimately concocts a scheme to avenge herself on her mother.
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  • Once Upon A Time (2013)
    as Tinkerbell
    A woman with a troubled past is drawn to a New England town where fairy tales are to be believed.
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  • Masters of Sex (2013)
    as Vivian Scully
    Drama about the pioneers of the science of human sexuality whose research touched off the sexual revolution.
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    juillet 28, 2014 •
    Posted by admin •

    As the « box » are somewhat a fad right now, I decided to launch the ‘Kiwi Box‘ which will be in digital form. Every month (or every two months at least) a digital ‘​​box’ will be at your disposal with various graphic (calendars, avatars, wallpapers, …) about Rose McIver.

    For the first one, I decided to use ‘Once Upon A Time‘ theme and more precisely episode 3 of season 3, the first appearance of our ‘TinkerBell‘ with the lovely Lana Parilla (Regina).

    rosemciversource-ouatBOX (20)

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    juillet 25, 2014 •
    Posted by admin •

    As we had a lot of informations about #iZombie during this week Comic Con, here’s a master-post where you can find all the photos, information & events related to #SDCC that Rose McIver attended this week.

    • iZombie PANEL:

    - Like, Rose McIver’s voice even sounds like Kristen Bell.
    - Such a Veronica Mars vibe front the extended trailer. Love it!
    - Liv is psychic ish. - « Seriously, how did you solve crime before me? »
    - « we need to find who did this and nail his ass to the wall. »
    - No pilot screening today due to recasting. Reshoots going on in the next three days.
    - Exclusive look at was absolutely brilliant! Buffy mixed with and Hard Bodies. Excited for the season!
    - Other supernatural beings? « No we’re going to be a straight zombie show. » — Rob Thomas
    - Rose likes the tone of the show and is excited about it.
    - iZombie extended trailer was delightfully surprising. Good twist on classic mystery in the vein of Psych and Veronica Mars
    - Rose says playing a zombie is fun, playing a med student is hard.
    - Rose nailed the auditioned for the part.
    - Producers felt they were getting a hit it once they got Rose.
    - Rose McIver was the 100th actress to audition.
    - Why Rose McIver? Charming, who u root for, can get a New Zealand fallback accent. — Rob Thomas
    - When Liv eats brains she also picks up the dead persons talents.
    - The brains don’t completely overtake Liv.
    - drama with a sense off humor
    - closer to Buffy the Vampire Slayer than to Veronica Mars.
    - I’m getting a pool! We have a hit. — Diane Ruggiero on finding Rose McIver.
    - Not just brain solving mystery of the week. In will be a big zombie plot line.
    - When Liv gets hungry her makeup gets darker.
    Diane on Rose’s look in : « I believe the term is ZILF. »
    - W
    hen she eats a new brain remnants of then old brain is out of her system and no longer takes over.
    - Bad Zombies will make more zombies and it’s super easy to make more zombies.
    - It was great to have a network that wanted a strong female character as their lead. » -Diane Ruggiero-Wright
    - Liv can’t control when she turns into a full zombie.
    - Liv solving murders brings meaning to her life.

    Thanks to: VladaGelman, iZombieLive, iZombieWrites, CisforCostumes, TheRealJethro, A_news.

    Some of you asked about the trailer shown at Comic Con, unfortunately it haven’t yet been shared on the net. However, here I share with you the trailer from the ‘CW Upfronts’.

    The best part of this Comic Con after a few spoilers, is certainly the two new photoshoots that made ​​Rose and her new co-stars to promote the series.

    47 478
    x002 photo

    87 77 877 5855
    x004 HQ photos

    Rose McIver also attented a few events at this Comic Con.

     1 3 2
    x003 HQ photos

    She is wearing ‘AQ/AQ’ black cropped cut out top 
    and ‘Sans Souci’ stripe knitted mini skirt. Her shoes and clutch are ‘Carlo Pazolini’.

    x025 photos

    9 10 11 12 13
    x060 HQ photos

    x001 HQ photo

    18 17 16 15
    x004 HQ photos

    x001 HQ photo

    Finally, here are some interviews that were made during the event. All screencaps  are available in the gallery.




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    juillet 24, 2014 •
    Posted by admin •

    As Rose McIver will be at the Comic Con in San Diego alongside ‘iZombie‘ cast and crew tomorrow, here’s some informations for Today and Tomorrow.

    San Diego Comic-Con 2014 attendees attending preview night were surprised to learn the planned screening of Rob Thomas’ « iZombie » pilot was canceled at the last minute. It was scheduled to be shown along with « The Flash, » « Constantine, » and « Teen Titans Go! » Instead, « The Flash » was shown a second time.

    A Warner Bros. TV publicist tells Zap2it the screening was pulled due to ongoing casting changes in the series. However, the scheduled Friday panel for the show will include an exclusive extended preview of the series that runs around 15 minutes.

    The changes being made are not to those cast members scheduled to attend the panel (Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli and Robert Buckley). Furthermore, former « Once Upon a Time » star David Anders has been added to the lineup, along with Thomas and executive producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright.

        FRIDAY, JULY 25

    • 11:30 am iZOMBIE (The CW) | Stars Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli and Robert Buckley, as well as executive producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright. (Room 6BCF)

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    juillet 24, 2014 •
    Posted by admin •

    In 1998, Rose McIver filmed one of her first short movie, ‘Flying‘ as Josie. Today, I’m sharing with you some exclusives photos and informations.

    Synopsis: In an unfamiliar house, amongst adults paralysed by loss, a young girl finds a surprising kindred spirit in her dying grandmother, Emma. And in the wondrous natural world surrounding the house, Josie encounters a strange and elusive playmate her own age.

    x001 promotional picture
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    x171 trailer screencaps
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    Category: News
    juillet 22, 2014 •
    Posted by admin •

    One of the biggest role of Rose McIver on TV before ‘Once Upon A Time‘, ‘Masters of Sex‘ and soon ‘iZombie‘ was the amazing ‘Power Rangers RPM‘.

    Throughout the 2009 season of ‘Power Rangers‘, Rose played the role of Summer Landsdown (Yellow Ranger), a kind person, willing to trust others and give them the benefit of the doubt, even when no one else is willing to. She isn’t above getting down to business when necessary, however.

    In the coming weeks, I will add all screencaps of the season. But now, a very good surprise for all the Rose’s fans from Power Rangers.

    I’ve added some exclusive portrait of Rose for the promo of the show and some exclusive episode stills of her and the casting! Enjoy!

    (Episode stills will be sorted later.)

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    x004 HQ pics
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    x008 HQ pics
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    x014 HQ pics
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